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Dear visitor,

Bibliographic information about an artists' book is not always easy to find and often incomplete. My aim is to provide useful information on artists' books for collectors of the printed variety. Nobody's perfect though, and I'm not responsible for any erroneous information that might have slipped in.

I'm regularly updating and expanding the lists, but unfortunately, there is still a lot of missing data. If you notice errors, or if you feel that some entries should not be considered artists' books, please let me know at info(at)artistsbooks(dot)info. I hope you'll like this initiative and will support it.

This is not a commercial site. I do not sell the listed books, and do not offer price estimates, that's for the market and your budget to decide. The 'Shop' is only for my hobby. You can buy these items, or suggest other stuff to trade them with.

As I sometimes get questions regarding my personal collection, I've adapted the website to offer some showcases of the artists' books I actually own myself. Hope you will enjoy browsing through some of these pages.

Kind regards,