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Depero, Fortunato

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Depero, Fortunato
 Depero: Futurista
 Edition of (probably) 1000 numbered copies. Two previous reproductions (1978 and 1987) have been published. They were produced with some material not included in the original: various front and back matter; a table of contents; page numbers. An exact faxcimile copy based on original book nr. 843 was published in 2017 by a collaboration between the Center for Italian Modern Art (New York), Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto—also known as Mart (Italy), and Designers & Books (New York).  It includes a 'Reader’s Guide' companion volume. Edition size of the 2017 version is unknown.
 24.2 x 32 cm
 Binding is open on four sides, cover and all pages hole-drilled for bolt binding and fastened with aluminum bolt, nut, and cotter pin. The cover is made of textured, colored cardstock. Paper stock of various colors, weights, and textures, plus 4 tissue (glassine) pages. One two-panel gatefold.

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